SCI Prevention & Awareness

MDSIA is committed to providing Mackay and surrounding suburbs residents, especially teenagers the information they need to reduce the risk of a spinal cord injury. Mackay is a very active area with year round boating, swimming in pools, oceans, rivers, and participationin sporting activites.

Every year, MDSIA’s Spinal Cord Injury Awarness Team dedicate their time to going out to the schools of the Mackay & District areas, presenting awareness programs to local high school students, about Spinal Cord Injuries and its inmapct on individuals’ young and old, families and the community. Their ultimate goal is to reduce the number of spinal cord injuries that could be prevented, even if it is just one.

Our speakers, who have spinal injuries for all different reasons, speak to the senior half of high schools (those just starting to drive or who would be riding in cars with their peers driving) about the many dangers that arise with school holidays, schoolies week and the beginning of getting learner permits and drivers licences. Speakers talk to the students about the dangers involved in drink driving, speeding, not putting on a seat belt, not wearing helmets or diving into water without first knowing the depth.

Our speakers strive to make their listeners realise that such an injury doesn’t just mean the loss of ability to walk, but other areas of your body are affected including: cardiovascular, respitory, bladder and bowel function, sexual function, temperature control and loss of touch and feeling.

MDSIA also activly participates in Disability Action week with awareness and prevention talks to the wider community.

If you are located in the Mackay & District areas and would like a spinal cord injury prevention and awareness program presented at your school/group, please contact our office on (07)49572180 to arrange a time for your presentation.