Community Access & Transportation

Community Access is offered to Para-villa residents, in-home clients and respite clients. Community access gives clients the chance to get out in to the community to build networks and connections. Community Access can be used for a range of different things depending on the individual’s needs and wants.

The aim of offering clients Community Access is to get them out into their community, so that one day in the future, they are confident and have the appropriate skills to access it by themselves or with limited supports. Examples are;

  • Shopping
  • Attending Doctor  and other important appointments
  • Study
  • Employment
  • Sporting recreation
  • Entertainment
  • Over night trips
  • Social outings
  • Party’s
  • Night Clubs




Mercedes Benz Sprinter wheelchair-accessible van presented to MDSIA on 27  March 2008

At the end of August 2007 Mackay & District Spinal Injuries Association Inc. formed a fundraising committee who where committed to achieving a dream that the association has had for many years.  This was to  raise enough money to purchase a wheelchair accessible vehicle for the residents of Para-villa and others clients in the community.

Having an accessible vehicle available would open up many opportunities  for the residents and clients that are not currently available to them, due to the cost and lack of accessible public transport in the region.  It  would also enable them to travel around Mackay and areas outside Mackay without the stress of public transport. Economically, people with a disability are often unable to afford their own accessible vehicle or even the taxi fares due to their disability related living expenses.

Not long after the committee formed we where approaching local businesses for assistance and had an article published in the Daily Mercury.  This  article caught the eye of miner Scott Myers who contacted us and has since made  all arrangements for the dream to become a reality.

The logos of the company, plus the logos of other companies who have also made smaller contributions are displayed on the vehicle as a thank-you.

Following are the names of all sponsors:

Westof Mining Services, Mackay Stickers & Signs, Carlisle Motors, Steel Pacific, JJ Richards & Sons, Porters, Barbeques Galore,  Hatfields, Camping World Mackay, Mackay Cable Services,  Mackay Car Wash