Myrtle Caddy Para-villa

PvsideThe house was opened in 1988, the result of a vision by local people in Mackay

Five Bedrooms in the lower part of the house with two rooms sharing a bathroom and a unit for the PCA’s upstairs, Paravilla can offer both Transitional and Respite Support.

The patio area that faces Bridge Road is covered and has been tiled. A large flat plate barbeque is available for all to use and fans on the wall help with air circulation on still nights. Mostly there is a breeze blowing making it a good area to sit in the summer. This is also the main smoking area.

The lounge area has a long table which is higher than a regular table to allow for wheelchair access underneath. There are fans in this area which are remote controlled, large doors allowing airflow and access to patio and new front area when it is finished. There is a large screen TV with Austar connected and a CD/radio for communal use. A reverse cycle air-conditioning is in the main area of the house. The flooring in the house main area is cork tiling.

test1-089The kitchen is fitted with two large fridges, a dishwasher, microwave ovens one also being convection and a variety of electrical equipment for everyone to use. The benches have space underneath for wheelchair access. There is a fan in this area but as mentioned earlier this area is air-conditioned.

Bedrooms are fitted with reverse cycle air-conditioners and fans which are both remote controlled. Overhead hoists are fitted in each room. Controls for lights and switches for fans are positioned on the wall for access from bed. Some rooms have electric beds but if a resident was to live here on a transitional basis then a bed of their choosing could be brought in to allow transfer and dressing techniques to be perfected while in this house so that any problems may be identified before people go into their own homes. An over the bed table is provided and linen. If living in Para-villa on a transitional basis then eventually people would purchase their own linen.

Two rooms share one bathroom. There is one shower hose, one bathroom sink & two soaking bins. People have their own area on the bathroom bench. The floor is tiled.

DSC00368The laundry is at the back of the house. There are two machines with one being a front loader so that if people can they do their own washing. Washing is all done separately. Clothes lines are out the back, also there are two dryers available with one being at ground level to be more accessible.

The upper tone is in the Gym and available for everyone to use providing you have a medical certificate to show that you are physically able to do so safely. When in the house on a transitional basis, Physiotherapists from Community Health will assist with guidance on movement that will be beneficial.

Rental income from Para-villa assists with operational expenses and the service provided is funded by DSQ and is delivered in a manner that encourages independence and choice. If a person is able to do something on their own then that is what is expected. If a person is unable to manage some things on their own then assistance is available and support staff will assist the person to gain as much independence as possible through their stay at the house.

IMG_0134Para-villa is a private residence and the association endeavours to provide all the freedom that a private residence which is supported by staff offers but occasionally we are bound by legislation which may impede some peoples? lifestyles and the dynamics of group living also need to be addressed within the house providing equity for all who live in it. Decisions regarding the running of the house are first raised at resident meetings and then at either Executive meetings or Management meetings, so concerns will be heard.